~~~The Way; Follow Him~~~

Skipping to my lou along my merry way and realising it must come to a screeching halt, it is not mine, but Who He Is, it is not my life, but His, “Old man take a look at my life, I’m a lot like you were,”Neil Young ; The dastardly struggle to walk in the new man is a dropping of them shackles, and succumbing to the newness of life, and walking in faith, that’s true livin_\

______A place of trust

With my back against the wall, I beg for relevance, all tattered and torn,

I freely speak and I speak freely, to stand for justice and freedom is not a crime; albeit to make the stand has its place, this is my style, I run the race,

I have a voice, God gave it to me, to crush the lies of the enemy, glorious light a shinnin, my life not pining away, I arise and shine, for the glory of the LORD has risen upon me, equipped and all, my fate: Eternal Life with Christ Jesus. Until I am completely transformed, to His Excellency a Royal King and Judge, He fights my battles, I will’nt trudge, So Onward Christian Soldiers; The marching call; Can you hear it?

Get up, no time to slumber, He is faithful to keep Us, and We’ll say what needs to be said about this Person called Agape Love____

_Will We Dance This Dance_

~Step Out Into Joy~

Spin and toil in moderate trepidation,

Like a Swan dabbling in the night,

Can We, Can We, Dance this Dance called Living,

In the moment, I start to rise,

Like David did, Once Upon A Time,

To My Surprise, I gasp, I spin, I twist, I turn; O this is mine,

To Keep this from You would be a crime,

I’ll Praise The Lord In The Dance,

In time, from time to time and Forevermore ~

~The Wordsmith Writer~

_A journey in the day_

_I walk, I search, I find what I’m looking for. Although a journey in the day delivers not what I always want, deeper I look within, and seek.

_Of a deeper contrast my soul searches for Love and Love delivers patiently, bringing me up and out of the dull drums of a predictability that sustains not__

_Coming into The Family gives me Hope. In this Hope resides The Person Jesus Christ, Who has delivered time and time and time again.

_Hills and valleys come, they do not stop me, but, contrariwise, provoke me to look and see the Holy One that I Love.

_My Way, now becomes Him, He is The Way. A journey in the day is now in Grace and Love and delicate Peace which passes what I know.

_I know, Whom I’ve looked for~

~The Wordsmith Writer~